Friday, October 24, 2008

Gimme, Gimme More.... STREETWEAR!

Yes, I know we all have a small or rather large (depending how obsessed you might be) Chris-Crocker-soft-spot for Britney, BUT, what I’ve also noticed, is that you guys are starving for some iconic street wear updates. Well, rest assure because mama is here to feed you with some exciting news…

One word. HEADBANDS!

No, not that black elastic headband habitually worn on fitness Thursdays. No, not at all, what I’m referring however, are big, bold and exquisitely unique headbands that make a statement every time it wraps around your head.

Voila! Some sexy bling-blings I found…

And so, in the début of my first ever TIFB Do-It-Yourself vlog, I will be showing you just how simple it is to employ a combination of different materials – buyable from your local craft store, to make super sexy runway-inspired headbands, guaranteed to make you pop from the crowd. Stay Tuned.


Jack Jack Jackie

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