Friday, October 24, 2008

The Iconic Team loves...Cheap heels!

We have found our favourite cheap thrills of the moment: Zu Shoes for fashionable weekend heels at amazing prices which won't blow your budget, and with cocktails starting at a mere $15 each at Cockle Bay Wharf, now you can afford to look hot and order another round of drinks! Sure it isn't Gucci or Dior, but with the prices and styles all under $200, it is just as good for now.

Fashion Director's favourite choice: Zu Crispin platform heel in black: $180.

Editor's Comment: Why buy a fierce Burberry heel when you can get this pair for under half the price? A great heel for flirty night outs and would look amazing paired up with a floaty Stella McCartney sheath dress for that glamorous contrast.

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