Sunday, October 26, 2008

Indulge yourself.

I watched "The Woman" the other day starring an amazing cast including Debra Messing, Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes... etc. and it was such a bunch of fun to watch! Sure it wasn't exactly Sex and The City (thank goodness) but it was just as entertaining and had a great mix of fashion, the up's and down's of being a woman, the typical scenario of visiting the beautician and my favourite place ever...the mention of Saks Fifth Avenue. That was really enough to make my look at the person next to me and mutter "this is going to be a great movie".However, I don't really want to give a big film review about it and instead I suggest you get some gorgeous undies to indulge in, a'la Eva Mendes character as"The Woman" so you can look great and feel great as you like without the pressures of looking good for a man. Whether it be with a pair of sexy lace barely there Elle MacPherson intimates or a five pack of Juicy Couture boy shorts, just indulge yourself and feel good! I mean, as they say with L'Oreal Paris...It's because you're worth it. Other woman or not.
xx Lisa

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