Thursday, October 23, 2008

A not so traditional wedding dress.

I have a few friends getting married or planning to get married next year and I don't know about you but I just love getting all dressed up to go to a friends wedding. It really is quite a lot of fun. I was thinking the other day about wedding dresses and how the styles have sort of come quite a long way.From the traditional princess style dresses making one look like those little statues upon wedding cakes to the free flowing ethereal feel of Vera Wang dresses and bare feet. Talk about making a statement. It's weird to think that once upon a time, brides had such limited options in the styles they could wear on their wedding day. I mean, yes...white is one thing but the same style on another person is another issue. Who can forget the iconography of Jackie Onassis' short lace mini dress (her second wedding) as compared to the lace off the shoulder gown she wore at her first?I guess I just figured that right now, the modern bride is free to wear absolutely anything she wishes. From the sophisticated and tailored Alexander McQueen one piece tuxedo to a white vintage sixties shift dress. The options are limitless and the accessories now plentiful. Just make sure your Christian Louboutin heels match.But if you really want a completely different look altogether, feel free to do whatever you like but just remember that we've already heard the story about the Bride who stripped
xx Lisa

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