Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Your opinion on Factory outlet sales...

You all would know by now that I absolutely love it when international designer fashion pieces are on sale. Not all of the pieces but most of them. Say for example, if I wanted a pair of Balenciaga platform heels which were originall 5 grand and then amazing discounted for 3 grand, I would be there within two seconds literally. You can be sure I'm one of those people who 'reserve' sale items so that other people don't steal them from me!

I was just thinking the other day about factory outlets (which I personally believe are completely different to one-off designer sale pieces). There's a outlet near our office called "DFO"- Designer Factory Outlets where pieces may be over 6 seasons ago, damaged, and just plain ugly and still people are forking out for a designer Lisa Ho dress which is not only a size fourteen but also $500. I mean, why not just save the money and go buy something which fits and is actually not a factory second or a sample but just brand new? I totally understand if people bring their kids over and buy discounted children's designer wear from Ralph Lauren or whatever, but as a person who genuinely has an interest and passion for fashion, my personal response is that Factory outlets are a no-no because the last thing you want to do for a fancy cocktail dinner, is to wear a dress designed by the host....six seasons ago. A bit embarassing. Same goes for sale pieces which are over ten seasons ago and going for a teeny thirty percent of the original price. Like that does not encourage me to go out and buy it. Worst of all, I imagine how many people have worn and tried on (without success) that one piece.
Still to this day, I am super surprised when I go there for a totally one off visit and the carpark to places like these are completely packed to the rafters. Like what is there to buy? Seriously.

PS: All the pictures are images of designer pieces which I have always wanted but could never afford until a proper one-off sale! No factory outlets at all!
xx Lisa

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