Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did Agnes Deyn Try too hard?

One word: Agyness Deyn. I really do like her and I have no objections about her taste in clothing, boys, fashion whatever. It just so happens that I came across this image of Aggy and I stared at it for about a minute just trying to figure out whether or not she was making a fashion statement in that Parisian Chic slash Tuxedo trend ensemble and the effect which she hoped her outfit would demand from others. I still don't know the answer but instead of the look being effortlessly chic and relaxed cool, does it look as if she tried a tad too hard this time? Let me know what you think.
xx Lisa

1 comment:

marie said...

i like agyness. but yes i agree, there is something about this outfit that is just too much. perhaps the bra, in combination with those shoes...? just toooo much. i liked her wild, fierce attitude, with the short hair and the punk-rock-glam style. this looks strained...