Saturday, November 1, 2008

I detest Supre and all it encompasses.

One word: Supre. Yuck! Just the word is enough to connotate all these images in my head of little try hard 12 year olds hoping and trying to be cool with their fluro electro t-shirts, extra long leggings and ruffled mini skirts which show more bum than fabric. Really, really unattractive. I don't know what's worst though. The fact I look back onto Supre and think "That's disgusting" or the fact I used to be that 12 year old Supre girl who'd prance around in Westfield thinking she was really cool. Or not.
I just browsed onto their online store as I haven't honestly looked at it since I was about 12, I remember once the head designer of Supre (her name slips me) was interviewed by Shop Til You drop magazine (never heard of it? It's a trashier version of InStyle) and when the designer was interviewed, it was the time when blazers were cool, not to mention suede and velvet embellished shoes and bows and ra-ra skirts and all that horrible stuff once upon a time. I have to admit, they were a good place for basics once as well. Key word: once. But now, the designing has sort of died. I don't know. I just think there's something wrong with a 20 year old woman going to shop at the same place a 12 year old girl would. Age confusion much? There's about one thing I found which I actually don't think I'd mind buying so much. Only because it is so cheap (in both price and style) and screams out Lindsay Lohan. Ahh...PVC leggings. How deliriously disgusting.
What a thought. Actually I take it back. I'm going to save that $25.00 so I don't become unoriginal like the rest of young teen-mainstream-chain store society. Bye Bye Clone. Hello Individual. xx Lisa


Anonymous said...

You have a blog purely about fashion - how the fuck can you call other people 'shallow'?! And moreover consider yourself exempt from 'the rest of society' when all you write about is designer clothing?

Anonymous said...

your so agro Anonymous. It's just an opinion. Consider yourself purely dillusional. Theres nothing wrong about being shallow. Society is made up of shallow people and that includes you as you are obviously someone who believes you can wholeheartedly judge one person on something they write? Go back to Supre loser. Don't talk about stuff you don't know.