Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lady Dior.

Keep an eye out for the Dior handbags and the new ad campaigns. Lady Dior dot com will be coming soon so sit straight and prepare the card for credit crunch time.

xx Lisa


five feet nothing said...

Hey! I love your blog and how you keep up to date with fashion trends and photographs!

I've recently started a blog called 'Five Feet Nothing'. It's not so much commenting on the current fashion trends, but rather clothes which cater for petite women. As a petite person myself, I get frustrated when I can't find clothes that fit me perfectly. Overtime, I managed to find certain stores which catered for my petite figure. I had so much information I decided to create this here it is...I hope you love it.

It's still in its early days and there's room for improvement-but I love shopping full time in search of petite clothing.

LRG said...

nice i be on the lookout for these

Nike said...

cool blog, check it out every week

Five Foot Nothing said...

Sorry, I've now changed the website to Five Foot Nothing. Again, keep the good pics coming!