Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On my to-buy list: New Season Christian Louboutin heels.

xx Lisa


Syana said...

Oh wow woww i especially like the first metallic one, and the pink candy heels <3

You should check these ones


I'm sure you' ll love them!

Syana said...

oh and i forgot: thanks for posting those videos, it's a great idea to put them all! I enjoyed so much watching them :)

I forgot how beautiful catherine de Neuve was!

mimi said...

I wish i had never looked on this site... i feel so sad lookking at those shoes, knowing i will never be able to afford them... sniff... sniff! They are beauuutiful though. Well, we all have are budget dont we and I spend mine on crafty cheap bits that look fab together and that makes me happy (till i see these shoes...) I got a really cute tshirt from Kstreet last week, slightly out of my budget but the fit is so amazing, and it complements all my vintage, scavenged peices!!

Pen Pen said...

CL has the best height for heels--I hate short heels. What's the point of going for heels when they're lower than 3 inches?!

Jaime said...