Thursday, January 15, 2009

Victoria Beckham for Giorgio Armani.

Honestly, she doesn't look as skinny as people imagine her to be. She looks quite healthy and oozes sophistication and sex appeal. Any thoughts? xx TIFB


Syana said...

I can't believe she has that body after having 2 children... I mean look at that stomach... >!

I'm suspicious... must be one plastic surgery miracle

Jessica Chyfetz said...

Definitly agree! Her body looks incredible. It is nice to see a model that is not too skinny. She looks healthy and it makes her look even better.

Joanna said...

Guys I'm sorry but she's been photoshopped. It's normal, it happens to almost every published image. Do some google searches on the subject and you'll be really shocked at the extent they go to.

Lighting helps also. But the bottom line is that's not what she actually looks like.

Beads Online said...

The woman is FIERCE!!!