Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't blame the economy.

It's funny how the economy has 'changed' how people dress and how people intend on spending. Frankly, it might sound shallow but unless you are one of those financiers or financial wives/girlfriends in the gutters (which I'm hoping you aren't), you should really continue to sip that Moet and Perrier with pride. For once, forget about conservative fashion and throw on a sequinned Sonia Rykiel beret, a hand printed silk beaded Balmain or Erdem dress and a pair of outrageous heels, preferably by Louboutin or Miu Miu. Extra kudos to you if you can get your hands onto a pair by Charlotte Olympia.
Fashion is about expression and its time to rebute against the tragic economy and more tragic wardrobe choices. Fashion is just too fun for moments like those.

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