Saturday, March 14, 2009

Satorialistic choices off the runways.

For once, let's just completely forget the fashion emerging off the runways and acknowledge the unique style sense during Fashion Week/s!! As you already probably know, Fashion Week is all about seeing and being seen, and this includes style off the runways. I personally know how flattering it is to get a photo taken by a photog just documenting your style or for really, no particular reason. It is enough to go to our heads and a really great ego boost on a grey Parisian/Milan/New York day. Here I have composed a short list of what worked and what doesn't:

Work it:
- Fur and feathers
- Patent leather
- Patterned tights
- Sky high heels (designer only!)
- A beret
- Anything by Balmain
- Cropped pants

Burn it:
- Anything thigh length-ed
- Sneakers
- Boring Jeans
- Short gloves (so last season)
- Small Louis Vuitton monogrammed handbags
- Headbands

Finish a good look off with a Blackberry Bold and pink Filofax in tow. Chuck out any cigarettes and don't forget the aspirin for the expectant after party hangover afterwards.

xx Lisa

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