Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fur is fashion?

Judging from the amount of fur shawls, fur lining, fur headwear and fur trim which has erupted from the runway shows with labels like Hermes, Valentino, Anne Valerie Hash and Christian Dior all embracing the fashionable side of fur. Fur has been a PETA related fashion debate for quite some time now, and honestly, amongst all the avante garde creations which have been popping up here and there recently, it's nice to know that if there is anything I no longer have to purchase to add to my wardrobe, it would be a fur coat as my grandmother had left me one to inherit from her last trip to Paris. Overall, I'm just saying that it's nice to be able to find the quality of such items back in fashion; just as the little black dress is purely synonymous with class and taste; fur appears to epitomise the same level of luxury. And as for the satin Hugh Hefner inspired Dolce pyjama pants from last season...well, those can be left in the bedroom. xx Lisa

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