Saturday, March 14, 2009

Try it now: Futuristic Fashion.

Avante Garde is definitely a hard style to pull off but when done well, you are guarenteed to have created an edgy individual off-the-runway impression. It's funny because not everyone wants to be caught dead wearing last season's Bottega Veneta suede textured coat but thanks to the likes of Alexander McQueen, it really is possible to draw the line between runway futuristic and worthy-on-the-streets futuristic style. I'm not your typical 'futuristic' girl, I mean; I've never had a dark black Yes Saint Laurent worthy bowl cut complete with dark black thin rectange sunglasses and black Lancome lipstick, but really...can a girl experiment? I suppose the main question is usually how? Why not try a futuristic dress with minimal accesories and a pair of fierce Charlotte Olympia heels and a shimmer of metallic eye make up and there you have futuristic in five seconds. With that said, is there anyone game enough to try the look out...or do I have to trade my style for a day and be the guinea pig? xx Lisa

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