Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a fact. Elie Saab is fabulous.

I don't understand why many fashion critics appear to have this perpetual dislike for Elie Saab. I personally have to say that if I were to have a wedding or a luxurious cocktail party, I would love him to design my dress or outfit (thank you very much). There is just something magical about being able to put on a very girly dress which sparkles and shines at every movement as you dazzle the night away with abstract ruffles and texture to balance out the look. If anything, I personally think that the garments are just screaming for celebrities to just "Put me on!". Is there really anything particularly wrong with that? No, didn't think so.

I was reading a runway review on for Elie Saab's latest collection and I noted the reviewer stated that "the question is always the same: Can you picture a celebrity wearing that? More often than not this season the answer was not likely." This comment made me shocked because surely, I have seen many worse runway shows with clothing being pretty darn outrageously out there and sometimes practically invisible (a'la the Emperor's new clothes and like two seasons ago at Fendi). But really, Elie Saab? Preposterous, I say!

Elie Saab is a man who has talent for making people feel adored. His couture collections are by far, one of my favorites and there is nothing to suggest that his designs are any less amazing than say, Carolina Herrera or Oscar de la Renta who also feature aspects of the luxurious femininity of tailoring meshed with smooth fabrics in rich shades.

Sure Elie Saab isn't Karl Lagerfeld but if Lagerfeld were to present something similar of the sort, who's to say that it would be looked down upon the same way? Elie Saab or not, fashion isn't about personal preference. I believe the proper word for that horrid reference is "Trend".
Fashion is about embracing talent to create wearable artworks which shape society and if Beyonce can strut on the red carpet wearing one of Elie Saab's pieces, who's to say that "celebrities won't wear it".

xx Lisa

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Anonymous said...

I love Elie Saab too! Even if not for Hollywood, it's fantastic for wedding or evening gowns! Wearable fashion.