Monday, October 27, 2008

This Halloween, we are wearing Betsey...

Forget tacky lace and ill-fitting designs this Halloween, Fashion is still fashion and costume is still costume...then why are we a tad confused? Well, because the girls at Iconic FB headquarters are probably just as unorganised as your typical girl next door, we found our favourite place for Halloween clothes/costumes by the queen of fun outrageous party dresses herself, Betsey Johnson! Believe it or not, $300 can get you a cute ensemble which you can pair up with a pair of simple round toed Pedro Garcia heels or vintage eccentric wedges, big teased hair (maybe even a blonde moppy wig), some red lipstick, purple eye shadow and maybe a pair of knee high polka dot socks for a look which screams out Betsey!

We hope you don't think we're joking and honestly, we're not. And that's maybe the best thing about the look. It's so Betsey and really cute. Kudos to us for the idea (and Betsey, of course; for the inspiration)!


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