Saturday, November 29, 2008

All I want for Christmas is....

Everyone I know has already started their christmas lists. I absolutely LOVE Christmas as it is pretty much that joyful time of year where you can afford to go out and reward yourself for everything which has happened during the year. Other than buying presents just for others, I love to spoil myself with usually one item which I have been lusting after the entire year and never really got around to getting. Here is my Christmas wishlist, and if you haven't started writing'd better get writing! Santa's on his way soon.

- Pandora Bracelet ( I seriously don't know exactly why I haven't gone out and bought myself one of these bracelets and charms yet! It's a sweet present and I'd love to get it from a super lovely guy (preferably my boyfriend and not my dad) because it really is more than just a bracelet as it is rather sentimental with each bead representing all sorts of different moments in your life.
- Matthew Williamson Paisely Maxi Dress ( I don't know about you but in Australia, we tend to prepare ourselves for a hot summery Christmas and New Years. It's definitely not winter so everyone tries to look hot and stay cool with their fake tans glistening in the gorgeous sun as we indulge in some summer fruit cocktails and dainty finger foods. This dress is slinky, bright and perfect for summer because it is so in-your-face as it is subtle. Loves it.
- Betsey Johnson Quilted Satin Skirt ( It's cute and sophistication yet very chic and perfect for any holiday festivities at night. It's a piece which can be worn over and over again and each time, it just keeps looking better and better with a slight change in shirt and accesories and heels and that's done!
- Victoria's Secret Silk Slip Dress ( I have always wanted a new slip dress just because the nights get so warm and instead of the typical singlet and undies combination, it would definitely be nice to be able to wear something slinky and sexy to fall asleep in. Speaking of which, I might also get the matching satin robe and knickers. Ahh...
And OF COURSE, there's more but really. I'm going to try to appear not greedy for at least five minutes. You can be sure I'll do another update (part Two) very soon. Get writing your xmas lists and leave me a comment!

xx Lisa

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