Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pre-Fall Review: Carolina Herrera.

Statements were made through both the ladylike accents of the pieces especially when accompanied with a statement bearing bright yet chic powder blue, charcoal black and intense ivory print combination on the most classic of all styles in Carolina Herrera's Pre-Fall collection. Satin pussy bow blouses were matched up with tailored below the knee pencil skirts to create the feminine illusion before the look was completed with a statement tailored jacket which hung delicately on the model's frame, enabling the style to be understated, effortless, sophisticated and ladylike just like the designer.

Classic wardrobe pieces were vamped up through the introduction of statement print and colour combination which exerted a sense of freshness and renewal to the feminine looks. Contrast and juxtaposition were featured as technical devices which enabled emphasis to be created on particular pieces on an entire look as opposed to the look as a whole, being the main focus. However on a completely different note, this collection would exist to make the most feminine and classic women proud yet if there is anyone I would want to personally see wearing this collection, it would have to be the modern day First Lady: Michelle Obama rocking the look.

xx Lisa

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