Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pre-Fall Review: Vera Wang.

Effortless simplicity and classic romanticsm were themes explored by Vera Wang in the Pre-Fall collection which consisted of muted silk pieces featuring contrasting bow features, exquisite yet basic embellishment, fitted pieces comprised mainly of drappery techniques to create an elegant illusion and slight texture as well as basic accesory pieces to reinstate the romantic feel of the looks.

Classic tones and shades were explored through the contrast of pale neutral tones with deep charcoal black tones for that efforless sophistication which oozes romance and elegance which truly epitomised the designer herself, Vera Wang. Simple tank tops and tailored quarter length pants were accompanied with detailed cardigans and silk tops to create a uniquely effortless sense of elegance and a feel of feminine nonchalance. It was a collection which clearly epitomised the feminity of the traditional Vera Wang bridal label which oozes romance and simplicity to create something which is beyond words of complexity.
xx Lisa

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