Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Fall review: Roberto Cavalli.

Absolutely well made and gorgeously effortless pieces made up Roberto Cavalli's pre-fall collection which consisted of an integration of subtly textured pieces with muted tones and delicate classic accesories to pull of simplistic looks with a sense of high fashion calamity. Intricate floral prints in gorgeous navy blue tones assisted basic beige pieces along with the more effective use of bolder tones for simple contrast created both a youthful timeless appeal to others which could easily be dressed up or down.

There was a strong sense of classic and floaty elements meshed in with more modern tailored pieces which when put together created the perfect balance between ready to wear on the runway and ready to wear on the street. Overall, it was a gorgeous neutral collection which combined the best of the natural and fashion crazy world which is a common sight to those nowadays in the everyday frenzies of the 21st century.
xx Lisa

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