Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Fall Review: Burberry Prorsum.

The Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall collection failed to disappoint with Christopher Bailey bringing back all the elements of Burberry commonly loved and truly iconic pieces brought back to life with modern exaggeration, tie dyed printing repetition, chic tailored extravaganza, and deep classic tones of imperial purples, rich coffee browns and muted grey and charcoal black tones to re-create the signature pieces of Burberry.

Accesories made a smooth comeback with the use of classic brogue heels and sheer stockings to create the classic feel of the label, not to mention the feature of small brimmed hats in dark shades as well as loose textured necklaces which exerted the essence of Burberry Prorsum due to the strategic positioning of this new simplistic piece hanging in front of the tailored trenchcoats and textured mini dresses. It was a classic collection which praised the effortlessly chic and classic design skills of Christopher Bailey who brought to life the classic iconography of the Burberry Prorsum label, as this collection clearly admired.
xx Lisa

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