Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prepare to strap yourself.

I've noticed a particular trend this season when it comes to footwear and I figured that it all really comes down to one thing. And no, it isn't the heel, the leather, the embellishment but rather the fact that there is a 'strappy' trend going on. I don't mean like petite strips of leather on the front but intense straps and buckles which create the illusion of a chunky shoe. It really is quite amazing to see the extent to which this trend has evaporated. From Chloe to Celine to Jimmy Choo and back at Marc Jacobs, it is a look which is quickly making it big through the big labels which means that you can expect the cheaper chain store alternatives coming in sometime soon as well. That pretty much means to get shopping for the real thing before the shelves are stocked with unfortunate 'inspired' by heels. Now, that wouldn't be so fashionable. xx Lisa

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