Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Fall Review: Zac Posen.

The collection was luxurious yet dramatic, detailed but minimalist and comprised almost entirely on a series of well tailored and elegant cocktail dresses in smoky glamorous hues not unlike those evident in the early 20th century. Hair was waved forties style and accompanied with ruby red lips and simple eye make up, not distracting from the classic tailoring which borderlined elements of couture along with hats and millinery taking its course. Rich texture and embellishments contrasted nicely with the simple styles and luxurious fabrics.

Interestingly enough, with the economic circumstances currently being experienced, Posen was inspired by the forties era particularly the fashions evident towards the end of the Great Depression. And with style and classic yet luxurious pieces being draped so elegantly on the runway, it is a great hope to wish that nowadays fashion was based more on elegance and timeless appeal than actually inspired wholly by wordly circumstance and finances.
xx Lisa

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Fashion Moment said...

I like that hat (green dress!)! :)