Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Fall Review: Chanel.

Themed by Lagerfeld as "Paris- Moscou", this collection was brought about with the presentation of a silent black and white skit focusing on Coco Chanel's flirtation with Russian-Parisian émigré society in the 1910's and 1920's before launching the runway models exhibiting the best of French dressmakers, embroiderers, milliners, and society in a Russian themed setting. Oversized headwear was a focal point of this collection as the intricately exaggerated pieces overlooked the simplistic tailoring and designs of the clothing pieces which were (at first) re-invented in shades of charcoal and accesorised simply with a red belt or structural red heels.

As the collection continued, the emergence of signature Chanel tweed made its mark through the feature of two lined skirting contrasting basic toned wool with iconic tweed sections to create the balance of classic and new trend elements. Oversized white knit pieces accompanied with smooth shades of royal gold contrasted nicely to the deep luxuriously Russian red tones thus creating a look synonymous with High Fashion simplicity. Quality and detailed royal elements meshed with contemporary ready to wear pieces to create a luxurious array of classically themed looks which epitomise the iconography of Coco Chanel and her Russian Escapade. Luxury, quality, detail and timelessness are topics which this collection addressed and if I may say so, addressed quite well.xx Lisa

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